Why choose us?

Our approach to
aircraft hire

Founded in 2018, CAVOK Aviation was formed from a belief that hiring general aviation aircraft should be simplified. At the heart of our business are those who choose to hire from us, and that's you. Our approach not only means that you'll find the hiring process simple and intuitive or welcome our friendly and helpful service, but it's the reassurance that the aircraft we broker are safe and thoroughly maintained to exacting industry standards.

Formed initially to provide excellent value hour building packages to those soon to begin their commercial flight training, we are here to help you get the most from your booking. Your experience starts with a great selection of aircraft and optional extras, to inclusive in-package support and guidance, beginning with our industry-leading pilot mentoring scheme, more outlined below.

Think Hour Building. Think CAVOK Aviation.

How it works


When booking with us, you’re not just getting a great deal on aircraft hire. Because we want all of our pilots to have the best experience, we include pilot mentoring with all our packages. Our base mentoring package, which is complimentary when you book, includes one-on-one access to a commercial pilot. Once you commence your booking, they’ll contact you to discuss your plans and will be on hand with responses to any questions and advice within 24hrs. We’ll also guide professional flying techniques and support with route planning to help you get the most from your hour building with us. We also offer an intermediate and advanced level of pilot mentoring, please contact us for further details.

aircraft engineering

All of our aircraft continue to be meticulously maintained by our dedicated maintenance partners, Fox Aircraft Engineering. Our aircraft require a scheduled maintenance inspection every 50 hours, and these are carried out in accordance with the most up to date UK CAA regulations. For these scheduled inspections to take place, you may need to plan to return the aircraft to us at Bagby Airfield during your booking as and when the inspections are required. Fox Aircraft Engineering will aim to complete scheduled maintenance inspection the same day; however, we cannot always guarantee this, so please prepare for every eventuality.

Fly more,
pay less

We recognise that you are making a significant investment when it comes to hiring from us and that's why when you book packages greater than 25, 50, 75 and 100 hours, we'll discount your hourly rate accordingly. Putting it simply, the more you fly, the more cost-effective your hour building becomes. Hire now and discover how much your ideal package will be.

Created by pilots,
for pilots

At the heart of our organisation, you'll find pilots just like you. Everyone in the team either has or is training for their pilots' licence, so you'll be safe in the knowledge that we're with you on this journey and understand the commitment you're making. From the moment you reach out to us, to long after your booking has completed, we'll be there to help, guide and support you during what is an exciting time for any future commercial pilot. You'll also have a direct line to those who can help, and we'll regularly check in with you to see how you're getting on. We're putting our pilots first.

Links to renowned
European flight training partners

We're proud to have teamed up with BRICS Aviation, a recognised European service provider for modular and integrated flight training. BRICS Aviation provides a complete AB-INITIO pilot training program with the intention to successfully place pilots with an airline at the end of their flight training. As their recognised UK hour building partner, CAVOK Aviation has already helped many pilots easily transition to the next step to their commercial flight career. During the booking process, you'll be asked whether you'd like to be contacted by BRICS Aviation to discuss your future training requirements.

We take care of your tie-down fees via our
partner airfields

We want to keep things simple and straightforward for you, that's why we have partnered with airfields across the UK to include their tie-down fees within your hour building package.

Inclusive tie-down fees mean for airfields listed as partner airfields, the price of keeping the aircraft tied-down is automatically calculated and is included within your package. Details of tie-down fees will be outlined in further detail under the 'price breakdown' table during the booking process.

Finally, with our partner airfields, there is no need to make arrangements directly with them. We will let them know of your planned package dates and ensure everything is in place before you arrive. If your chosen airfield is not listed as a partner airfield, you will need to make arrangements directly. Please see a list of our 'partner airfields' here.

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